Music writing

The course is dedicated to learning the techniques of musical writing at the PC through the use of software such as Finale, MuseScore, Sibelius, etc. Course objectives: to know in depth and use / manipulate the musical language with its symbols, spelling and syntax; write music using writing software, faithfully transcribe scores, make transcriptions and arrangements, compose short melodies.


It is a course dedicated to the learning and knowledge of the delicate and fundamental techniques for the realization of an excellent recording. The aim of the course is to know in a capillary and in-depth manner: microphones and microphone techniques, hardware instrumentation (microphones, sound card, speakers, mixer, etc.) and software for recording, the environment and noise, basic mixing and mastering elements ; in order to carry out recording sessions.

Mixing & Mastering

The course is dedicated to the learning of mixing and mastering techniques. The aim of the course is to learn to listen to their tracks and operate in a detailed and professional way to achieve optimal results in the mix down, prepare the sessions (through processors and audio effects), optimize the sounds, take care of the definition and the tonal character of the sound, reconstruct the virtual space in which the characteristics of the sound are reproduced, using tools such as (mixer, equalizers, dynamic processors, delayed line effects, etc.).

Music Software

Courses based on the study and use of Logic X, Ableton, Cubase, Csound, Max map software.

Digital/Electronic Music Instruments

Keyboards, electric guitars, bass, violoncello, violin, flute, etc., and digital-electronic aimed at the knowledge and learning of the extended techniques of performing contemporary and electronic music (pieces for instrument and electronics, live electronic, pieces of contemporary music).
(The training courses include the basic level and the advanced level)

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