Beathoven Cutural Association was born thanks to the will and passion for the music of three young local professional musicians (Pietro, Davide and Riccardo) who with great spirit of initiative, creativity, resourcefulness and professionalism are trying to give voice to the project of diffusion of music, especially digital music, aimed at all age groups.

Beathoven is the winner of the Regional “PIN – Pugliesi Innovativi” competition in 2017. The concept that inspires its name, Beathoven, refers to Beethoven, composer of classical music, Beat is the “rhythm” in English and a constituent of contemporary pop music, and it is homophony with “bit” that recalls digital and new musical technologies.

The project idea has the objective of spreading the culture of digital and electronic music in the territory through training courses, master classes, concerts and events with expert teachers, highly specialized staff and cutting-edge tools and software.

The idea was successful, innovative, entrepreneurially sustainable, with good margins for future growth and development.
Throughout history, music has had a path of integration with the technological tools that have gradually followed one another.

The technological, software and hardware supports are very useful for improving the quality of music, events and all musical activities concerning the formative, compositional and concert performances.

Electronic music and contemporary music, born in the ‘900, are now more and more widespread and present in concert seasons, festivals and music festivals. It is a genre of music that sees in its compositions the classical musical instruments to the electronics, the use of software and hardware for the production, management and manipulation of sounds.

Pietro, Davide and Riccardo are widely inserted in the context and live the music at 360 °, from concert activity to teaching, to the organization of events. They are widely qualified and experts in Music Teaching, Electronic Music and Electroacoustics, Electroacoustic Composition, use of specific Software and Hardware.